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Here is where you will find the best information for eradicating or managing these troublesome organisms.

A huge database created maintained and shared and updated by New Zealand's Regional Councils and the Department of Conservation

Map and Track the movement of pests and weeds across New Zealand.
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Join thousands of like-minded Kiwis to ensure this generation leaves our land in better shape than when we inherited it.

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Rules, regulations, eradication techniques. Information on poisons and the best times to use them
All plants, animals, and insects need to be managed...but with Pests and Weeds it is vital to ensure our delicate environment is protected
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Once you have your pests and weeds under control it is important to continue to watch and maintain your environment.
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Initially developed for Northland Regional Council the Pest & Weed Hub (as it was known then) won first prize at ALGIM (Association of Local Government Information Management) Since then it has been removed from Northland and now stands alone as a shared database for a multitude of Regional Councils and Organisations.


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Blue Morning Glory
"Blue morning glory is a high-climbing vine with tough hairy stems and tough fibrous roots without rhizomes. Its leaves are usually three-lobed and silky-hairy underneath. From late spring to early winter it produces groups of three to 12 deep-blue-purple, funnelshaped flowers that are pink at the base, which wither in the midday sun. Blue morning glory is very fast-growing, producing dense smothering blankets of foliage that can reach into the canopy. It quickly becomes the dominant vine wherever it occurs. Source: Ministry for Primary Industries.
Weed Of The Month
Blue Morning Glory
Rainbow lorikeet
"Native to parts of Australia, the rainbow lorikeet is a distinctive multi-coloured parrot, about 30cm in length. It has a bright red beak and eyes, with a blue head and belly, green wings, tail and back and an orange/yellow breast. It has a distinctive screeching call. Rainbow lorikeets feed primarily on pollen, nectar and fruits, but they may feed on seeds. They are almost always seen in pairs or in flocks. Like most parrots they nest in hollow limbs or trunks of dead or living trees. Rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) compete with native birds by dominating their food sources and nesting sites. They pose a threat to New Zealand’s native honeyeaters such as tui and bellbirds, as they compete for the same food sources. They also compete for nest sites with native cavity nesters such as kaka and kakariki. Source: Ministry for Primary Industries.
Animal Of The Month
Rainbow Lorikeet

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Useful Initiatives To Help Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Biosecurity Haumaru koiora If harmful pests and diseases get into New Zealand, they can cause damage. Biosecurity focuses on stopping them at the border or getting rid of the ones already here.
Biosecurity New Zealand
Beach Vacation
What we do Established in April 2009, the Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust is a multi award-winning New Zealand charity that exists to connect people to nature and inspire change.
Sustainable Coastlines
Man With Bag And Walking Stick
Predator Free 2050 Limited is a Crown-owned, charitable company established to help deliver the New Zealand government’s ambitious goal of eradicating possums, stoats and rats by 2050.
Predator Free New Zealand 2050


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Many schools are using Pest & Weed Central as the basis for students extracurricular educational activities.
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A combination of schools, businesses and government departments make up a national network which has been created to ensure we look after New Zealand for generations to come.
Whether you are searching for information or have recorded information you wish to share with others we hope you make Pest and Weed Central the place to do it.
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As we collect more data from our staff as well as people from around the country we will be able to map and track diseases such as Kauri dieback.


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