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Welcome To "Pests and Weeds Central"

New Zealand's Information Center For All Things Pests or Weeds.

Here is where you will find the best information for eradicating or managing these troublesome organisms.

A huge database created maintained and shared and updated by New Zealand's Regional Councils and the Department of Conservation

Map and Track the movement of pests and weeds across New Zealand.
Upload images and videos, with hundreds of tips, tricks, management techniques.
Join thousands of like-minded Kiwis to ensure this generation leaves our land in better shape than when we inherited it.

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Look through our library to identify, or upload your own image and our experts will identify it for you
Rules, regulations, eradication techniques. Information on poisons and the best times to use them
All plants, animals, and insects need to be managed...but with Pests and Weeds it is vital to ensure our delicate environment is protected
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Once you have your pests and weeds under control it is important to continue to watch and maintain your environment.
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Initially developed for Northland Regional Council the Pest & Weed Hub (as it was known then) won first prize at ALGIM (Association of Local Government Information Management) Since then it has been removed from Northland and now stands alone as a shared database for a multitude of Regional Councils and Organisations.


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Share your findings, locations, and images with the rest of New Zealand. Let's protect New Zealand's fragile ecosystems from all potential threats.

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Why Pest & Weed Central is improving
New Zealand's Land, Water & Environment

Johnson Grass
"Johnson Grass – Check your backyard Johnson Grass (Sorghum halepense) is an extremely invasive grass. It has been a big problem in New Zealand before. New Zealand was Johnson Grass-free for 14 years. But in 2021 Johnson Grass was found in a South Auckland backyard. It looks like a strong grass or maize plant. If you find it, please take photos and report it. It has a distinctive whitish midrib on the underside of the leaf. It flowers from January to March. #CheckYourBackyard
Weed of the month
Johnson Grass
"Red-eared sliders are sold as pets. These turtles grow to about 30cm and live for as long as 50 years. Many escape or are released to our waterways − and that’s not good. This species is very invasive: they can produce around 400 offspring, have a broad diet and are hard to catch. There’s concern they will harm native aquatic plants, isects, eels, small fish species, and ground-nesting birds. Auckland Council is banning sale of these turtles by pet stores. Please beware of taking on such a long-lived creature as a pet. Don’t dump unwanted pets like red-eared sliders into the environment. Instead, contact your local pet shop, SPCA or animal rescue organisation.
Animal Of The Month
Red-eared slider
Didymo Dave
"The Central plateau is well looked after by a supreme good sort in Dave Cade. Working to protect our freshwater and the wonderful wild places special to NZ Dave heads up the Horizons Check Clean Dry programme. A fisher, outdoors person as well as an ex dairy farmer and employee of DOC, Dave has unique perspective on messaging and interacting with the public; it is is innovative and constantly evolving. Evolving, as unfortunately he is constantly disappointed many people don’t take steps to look after the wonderful places we have and treat them selfishly, rather than leaving them in a better state for the next generation. From a poem about the blue duck to talkback radio calls, and alter egos Dame Didymo Davina and Victor the Viking; Daves use of all media platforms and memorable personalities to get cut-through knows no bounds.
Good Bugger Of The Month
Dave Cade - Didymo Dave
Pete Profile
"Pete is a professional gardener but when he's not hard at work tidying other people's gardens he tends to be pulling weeds from our parks and reserves in the Coromandel. He is always prepared to go the extra mile and believes in making a change for good for all New Zealanders.
Pete's A Legend!
Weed Hero Of The Month

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Useful Initiatives To Help Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Biosecurity Haumaru koiora If harmful pests and diseases get into New Zealand, they can cause damage. Biosecurity focuses on stopping them at the border or getting rid of the ones already here.
Biosecurity New Zealand
Beach Vacation
What we do Established in April 2009, the Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust is a multi award-winning New Zealand charity that exists to connect people to nature and inspire change.
Sustainable Coastlines
Man With Bag And Walking Stick
Predator Free 2050 Limited is a Crown-owned, charitable company established to help deliver the New Zealand government’s ambitious goal of eradicating possums, stoats and rats by 2050.
Predator Free New Zealand 2050


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Many schools are using Pest & Weed Central as the basis for students extracurricular educational activities.
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A combination of schools, businesses and government departments make up a national network which has been created to ensure we look after New Zealand for generations to come.
Whether you are searching for information or have recorded information you wish to share with others we hope you make Pest and Weed Central the place to do it.
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As we collect more data from our staff as well as people from around the country we will be able to map and track diseases such as Kauri dieback.


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