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Welcome To "Pests and Weeds Central"

New Zealand's Information Center For All Things Pest's or Weeds.

Here is where you will find the best information for eradicating or managing these troublesome organisms.

A huge database created maintained and shared and updated by New Zealand's Regional Councils and the Department of Conservation

Map and Track the movement of pests and weeds across New Zealand.
Upload images and videos, with hundreds of tips, tricks, management techniques.
Join thousands of like-minded Kiwis to ensure this generation leaves our land in better shape than when we inherited it.

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Look through our library to identify, or upload your own image and our experts will identify it for you
Rules, regulations, eradication techniques. Information on poisons and the best times to use them
All plants, animals, and insects need to be managed...but with Pest's and Weeds it is vital to ensure our delicate environment is protected
04 Proper
Once you have your pests and weeds under control it is important to continue to watch and maintain your environment.
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Every month our developers add more functionality
Easy API Integration
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Images and Videos
Add pictures and video and pin where it was taken
Map and Track
Work with a team of likeminded Kiwi's to trace and eradicate pest & weeds
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Initially developed for Northland Regional Council the Pest & Weed Hub (as it was known then) won first prize at ALGIM (Association of Local Government Information Management) Since then it has been removed from Northland and now stands alone as a shared database for a multitude of Regional Councils and Organisations.


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Share your findings, locations, and images with the rest of New Zealand. Let's protect New Zealand's fragile ecosystems from all potential threats.

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Why Pest & Weed Central is improving
New Zealand's Land, Water & Environment

Agapra Flower
"Agapanthus grows in clumps with arching, strap-like green leaves with a watery sap. It has thick, long, white rhizomes (roots), and produces purplish-blue or white flowers on top of tall stalks during summer. The seeds are held within a 3-sided capsule that is about 5cm long. Agapanthus flourishes in coastal, frost-free (or lightly frosted), temperate climates and is commonly cultivated in public and private gardens. It grows wild in urban areas, on roadsides, coastal cliffs, stream edges and forest margins.
Weed of the month
Agapra Flower
Australian Redback Spider 01 Photo Credit MPI
"The redback spider Latrodectus hasselti is native to Australia. It is easily recognisable by its black body (occasionally brownish) with prominent red/orange stripe on its abdomen. The red/orange strip on its abdomen distinguishes it from the false katipo spider. Redback spider females measure about 1 cm in body length while the male is smaller being only 3 to 4 mm in body length.
Insect Of The Month
Australian Redback Spider
"When Ruben isn't busy working his day job creating websites, he can be found walking and protecting our native bush line from natural threats. A real nature lover Ruben uses Pest & Weed Central to track and trace Kauri dieback and to upload photos and locations of any noticeable spread of the disease.
Good Bugger Of The Month
Ruben Shaw
Pete Profile
"Pete is a professional gardener but when he's not hard at work tidying other people's gardens he tends to be pulling weeds from our parks and reserves in the Coromandel. He is always prepared to go the extra mile and believes in making a change for good for all New Zealanders.
Pete's A Legend!
Weed Hero Of The Month

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Useful Links To Help Keep New Zealand Beautiful

This is a useful download for the thousands of keen gardeners around the country. Learn about soils, habitats and environments best suited to different plants.
Plant Bible
Department Of Conservation
Beach Vacation
Keep our beaches and oceans free of life-sapping marine threats. Learn what to look out for and how to safely remove these pests and weeds from our waterways
Beach Safe
Pamela Anderson
Man With Bag And Walking Stick
This weekend the people of Kerikeri get together to walk the bush tracks around this pretty town and are hoping to take a minimum of 2 tonnes of weeds from our bushwalks. If you want to join get in touch with us on the number below.
The Great Weed Wipeout Weekend
Ben Dover


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Many schools are using Pest & Weed Central as the basis for students extracurricular educational activities.
National Network
A combination of schools, businesses and government departments make up a national network which has been created to ensure we look after New Zealand for generations to come.
Whether you are searching for information or have recorded information you wish to share with others we hope you make Pest and Weed Central the place to do it.
Data Tracking
As we collect more data from our staff as well as people from around the country we will be able to map and track diseases such as Kauri dieback.


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